Building with Adobe, Bamboo, Aircrete & Vision [Aly Khan from Brave Earth Intentional Community]

Apr 20, 2021 | 0 comments

When natural building meets technological innovations an enchanting beauty is often born.

Aly Khan takes us on a tour of Brave Earth’s budding retreat center and the many stages of evolution that their structures have taken them on.

From cob huts to aircrete domes, and bamboo A-frames to earthen floors, we discuss some of the lessons that the community has learned along the way.

As fascinating as some of these building techniques are, our podcast interview with Aly Khan and his brother Alnoor, is a whole other pleasure.

To hear the thought-provoking and inspiring story of their community, its structure, and its vision to make an impact in their region, listen to the podcast here.

To follow more of Brave Earth’s adventures in community and natural building, check out their:


Also, check out:


Special thanks to Chela Rie for helping me take extra footage of this beautiful place & to Lekan Ayodabo for editing this video!

Music by Wookiefoot!

Check out these and more of their fun-inducing, heart-opening, life-changing tracks at https://wookiefoot.bandcamp.com/


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