#003 Justin Dolan of The Permaculture Country Club: Bio-diversity, Bokashi, and Competition within Community

Dec 9, 2020 | 0 comments

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we join Justin Dolan at the St Michael's Permaculture Country Club in Central Pacific Costa Rica.

Justin shares his passion for seed propagation, medicinal plants, and using bio-ferments for healthy soil as well as animal care. 

We explore topics such as healthy competition, the value of studying with a mentor, and using plants for natural home cooling

Justin is a wealth of knowledge and the conversation ended up continuing into a second episode. 

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We’ll be hitting on topics such as natural building, and greywater management.  Be sure to check it out!

To follow more of what’s happening at the Permaculture Country Club, check out:

Be sure to check out Justin's Bokashi Recipe: https://sharinginsights.net/bokashi

For more insight into Justin's Bokashi Recipe, we took a video of his stations where he makes it.  You can find that at https://youtu.be/ZPmh8zRE9jY 


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