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  • Do you want to live a more ecologically-mindful lifestyle, but still feel like you could use a little guidance.

  • Have you heard of Permaculture, but are unsure how it can help you, even if you don’t own land?

  • Are you eager to shift your lifestyle habits to be more part of the solution than the problem?

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“Jason's style is gifted and clear. I like the suggestions he put out for people to better their lives and businesses. It would be a dream come true if even a few people reading this book follow through with the things you're suggesting.”

Emanuela Guz

What’s inside


Can My Personal Choices Really Make a Difference?


Why Do I Think That Permaculture is Worth Considering Beyond Land Management?


An Approach Grounded in Ethics


What Is Permaculture, and How Does It Apply To My Lifestyle?


The Guiding Principles of Permaculture


The Wisdom of Living a Principles-Based Life


Here we are, 20 years into the 21st century. A snapshot of current events might leave one to wonder how far we’ll make it into the 22nd. One might even question whether, at this rate, we would even want to. From one perspective, humanity is gripped in waves of fear, confusion, misinformation, pestilence, famine, natural disasters, isolation, and inequalities of every kind.

Thankfully, this era has likewise been filled with mind-blowing innovations, mass waves of heart-opening compassion, broad-band information exchange, dispelling of age-old institutionalized oppressions, scientific breakthroughs, and
an awe-inspiring race to raise global awareness for ecological conservation.

We find ourselves, now, at a tipping point. Global attention has finally turned toward our urgent need to preserve planetary conditions, for a future that is suitable to human life (not to mention the rest of our fellow earthlings.) All credible evidence shows that the only hope we have for handing our children’s children a world worth having children in is to change the way that we, ourselves, live & do business.

In my personal opinion, voting with our dollar is one of the most potent actions that we can take daily. Throughout this paper, we’ll explore why and how, as well as other design principles that one might use to redesign their life in ways that can bring more time, purpose, and impact into their lives.

Plainly speaking, every time we exchange money with any type of organization, we’re essentially showing our support for the contribution they are making to our lives, humanity, and the planet. We are directly encouraging them to keep up with what they’re doing. Any time we exchange our money with an organization that is polluting, enslaving, and producing low-grade products destined for a short life of use and a long life in the landfill, we are personally responsible for that pollution, enslavement, and low standard of human potential. It’s a hard truth that we need to understand and accept if we’re to secure our grandchildren’s future.

Conversely, when we choose to invest the extra time, money, and willingness to support environmentally and socially responsible businesses, we are personally contributing to a future in which our grandchildren might still thrive. The good news is that many of these new choices can save us time, money, and energy once set into place. As well, you are not alone. The work has already begun!



   The path to a better world for ourselves, our families, and our planet does not lie in polarizing media posts!  The only path out of our global crisis is through action.  However, not any action will do.  We need action born of wisdom and intentional design.

   This book will help you gain refreshing perspective on how to approach your life's design in a way that will directly benefit you and your community, in a holistic way.  It's time to wake up and realize that our governments are not going to make these changes for us.  It is in our hands!  The good news is that by adopting this system of thinking, you'll be empowering yourself to bring greater harmony into all that you do.  It's time to understand a better way!

“It's just so full of juicy awesomeness! As soon as I got to the end, I wanted to go back and start again.”

Liv Smith

“What a beautiful work! All very true and we will be living in a better world if everyone would apply only half of it.”

Michaela Soeffner

About the author

 Jason's been living the permaculture lifestyle since 2001, with his first stay at an organic farm in Big Island, Hawai'i.

  After 6 years of traveling throughout north and central America, visiting permaculture farms and intentional communities in multiple countries, Jason's life was transformed.  He later became a co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology, in Costa Rica, in 2009. Since then, The Fruition Center has taught and shared the permaculture lifestyle with several 100 guests, volunteers, and event attendants from all over the world.

   Sharing Insights Podcast is his effort to learn more and share more, uniting the wisdom of a collective movement, in hopes that more people will feel the courage to go back to the land, grow food, and practice more connected ways of living in harmony with community and nature.  By learning from those who've come before us, we all stand a better chance to thrive!