Don’t Envy The Change Makers – Be One!

May 14, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

I’ve laid out a long list of options for how one might choose to apply the Permaculture Principles to their home life, relationships, business, and lifestyle. 

You may very well be practicing some of these things, already. Congratulations!

The Principles, themselves, were formed by an observation of what many might consider “common sense”. The problem, as my 6th-grade history teacher used to often say, is that “Common sense isn’t so common.”

Be the Change You Want to See in the World!

permaculture principles

Take another look at what's been presented here. No matter how revolutionary or straightforward the concepts are, you're sure to find something worthwhile you can utilize.

The benefits of doing so will help secure the future health of our planet and our ability to live here comfortably.  Still, the solutions born of this type of Principles-based thinking will bring greater efficiency to how you organize and approach the game of life.

These methods of observation and interaction have the side-effect of benefiting you in nearly any aspect of life.

After more than two decades of exploring and practicing these principles, I’m frequently humbled by how difficult it can be to meet my standards in life and business consistently.

Like most of life’s most valuable things, Permaculture is not a thing. It is a process – a way of perceiving and thinking.

Start with Yourself First

permaculture principles

Whether your interests in reviewing this information have been to reduce your impact on the environment, save you time and money in your everyday life, or improve your bottom line, it is essential to keep in mind that our fates are intertwined.

The work that we do to cultivate wellbeing in ourselves and in our businesses benefits the whole. Well-being for humanity starts with wellbeing in our homes. Likewise, well-being for humanity increases the likelihood of well-being in our homes.

Do what you can, friends. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to live and do business in a more insightful, less reactive way, use those as your guide.

Many of us firmly believe that “what is good for people and the planet” is the standard we need to use to measure what is suitable for our families and our businesses. Thank you for taking the time to consider new solutions. I hope that I’ve offered you something useful,


If you’re interested in hearing more about ways that you can adopt permaculture into your lifestyle, Sharing Insights Podcast takes you on a journey as I visit an array of ecological impact centers throughout Costa Rica.

Most of these centers are practicing permaculture in one form or another, and the interviews pull out gems of wisdom and practical advice from those who have been living the lifestyle and sharing it with others.

You’ve got this!


This is Part 15 of a 15 part series, pulled from the Permaculture Lifestyles Explained eBook, which contains over 100 tips for how someone might apply the permaculture principles to their life for greater efficiency, impact, and happiness. If you'd like to get the whole book to download and read offline, drop your email below and I'll be happy to send you a link.

Reclaim your life from uninformed choices and outdated habits! 

Improve The Quality of Your Life While Being a Benefit to the World Around You!

Your Copy Awaits

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