Catch and Store Energy

May 2, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

“By developing systems that collect resources at peak abundance, we can use them in times of need.”

Let’s start with a note about self-care.

My friends, human potential is more powerful than we can comprehend.

The computing power of our brains and our ability to increase their abilities with practice is incredible.

Our bodies’ innate ability to heal, detoxify, and regenerate is our single greatest asset in this life.

Our bodies and minds are organic processes of perpetual energy in motion, and yet we must remember not to take that for granted (at least not for too long.)  


Don't Lose Your Greatest Assets


By maintaining a balanced diet, attitude, and lifestyle, we can maximize the energy that our bodies are generating every day.

Failure to maintain the body and mind with healthy daily habits and mindsets is the surest way to squander and lose our greatest assets.

So, how do we optimize our lifestyles with this Principle?

  • Do whatever it takes to get excited about eating a more balanced diet of whole foods and minimize processed foods & beverages. This is the foundation of maximizing our lives’ potential.
  • Drink plenty of clean water to keep your bodily systems optimized.
  • Meditate daily to train your mind and improve its capacity to focus, remember, and contemplate.
  • Remove influences from your life that discourage and doubt your potential, thereby stealing it away.
  • Compliment and celebrate friends, family, employees, and customers who add value to your life in any way.
  • Journal regularly to record insights, set goals, and keep yourself on track to achieving them.
  • Can those extra tomatoes that you grew and can’t eat all at once.
  • Consider buying solar panels for your house or investing in other renewable energy initiatives.
  • Make your homes and businesses as energy-efficient as possible. Consider natural resources such as natural lighting, solar heating, coupling the room with a greenhouse window.
  • Change over to LED lightbulbs already.
  • Use and support public services, parks, and other initiatives that already exist for the health and efficiency of our communities.



This is Part 4 of a 15 part series, pulled from the Permaculture Lifestyles Explained eBook, which contains over 100 tips for how someone might apply the permaculture principles to their life for greater efficiency, impact, and happiness. 

If you'd like to get the whole book to download and read offline, drop your email below and I'll be happy to send you a link. 

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