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Jason is a guy who spent 6 years, in his twenties, hitchhiking around north and central America, as a vagabond gypsy balloon artist, volunteering at dozens of homesteads, permaculture farms, and intentional communities along the way.

In that time, he saw land management and community living done a whole lot of different ways.  12 years ago he left MN in a veggie oil school bus, heading south looking for a new place to live. 6 months later he landed at what became his farm in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica.  A lot has transpired and changed over that time, and after a few years away, he's been back on the land, bringing the place back to life, and loving it!

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Early Life

I grew up in Detroit, MI, and loved the city.  It was rich with stimulation and kept me on my toes.  It was what I grew up in and what I knew.  It worked, for the most part, until I found myself sick with chronic indigestion and heartburn at age 17.  Within a few years, I was living most days in discomfort.  Doctors prescribed more drugs that didn't work, and no one around me had much of anything else to offer.

I moved out to Arizona and spent the first few years of my 20's getting into yoga & meditation, experimented with fasting, cleansing, and different plant-based diets, and growing a general disinterest for modern-day society.  At 23, I loaded my backpack and walked out into the desert “renouncing the world”. I spent the next 6 years hitchhiking the continent in a unique and mind-enriching manner.  

jason bliss


Most of those years, on the road, I tied balloon animals for tips at farmers markets, tourist strips, and fairs.  I had nothing to go back to and learned the value of choosing a direction, keeping a steady pace, and realizing that no place is ever the final destination. We're all really just moving on and on and on.
Navigating the Mystery became my way of life.

Eventually, I decided to settle down in Minneapolis for a few years. I'd grown a desire to make “big art” with people and found a tribe of co-creative festival producers that were doing just that.  Eventually, though, restlessness and the desire to be warm took hold, and I found myself driving south, looking for a new place to live.

The next 7 years that followed were a dream come true, and a restless series of dark nights all wrapped up into one.  We bought land in Costa Rica, founded a permaculture education center, raised a family, hosted volunteers, built infrastructure, and got to experience those sides of the cycle where it all feels like it's falling apart.  Just to see a new day rise in its stead…

In 2016, the needs of the children took the family to the states for a few years, which brought on its own set of challenges.  I used that time to study business and marketing and apply what I was learning to grow my balloon art & entertainment business. The business' revenue grew each year, and I was hiring out a number of other artists to cover gigs.

The business was working, but I wasn't following my passion.  And therein lied my limits.


Finca Fruition

After my third year back in the states, my desire to live tropically was nagging at me.  I was slaving away on the hamster wheel of city life, while our farm was being looked after by a crew of young fun lovers who weren't communicating with us and left the farm in a stunning state of atrophy and disorder.  I made the determination to return and start sorting things out, both with the farm as well as within myself.

In a handful of months during the pandemic, with the help of many hands, the farm's physical infrastructure has been regenerated, but the future vision is still in a state of uncertainty.  From this place, the Sharing Insights Podcast was born.

Giving Back

I know that there are a lot of people, out there, who have land or intend to get some and want to do something impactful with it.  Even with as much experience as I had as a contributor to places like this, the reality of owning and operating it has been a whole other set of learning curves.  In today's climate, people are looking to ecologically and socially beneficial projects for guidance and inspiration. Sharing Insights Podcast seemed to be the perfect vehicle to get these stories and advice out there, so that more places can have a better chance to thrive.

After half a year developing the show, and learning better who my audience was I decided to broaden the focus of my interviews to include other industry leaders, beyond back-to-the-landers.  As a result, I've rebranded as the Regeneration Nation Podcast, celebrating the part we all must play for Costa Rica (and other nations) to become a truly regenerative nation.

We all have so much to learn from each other.  It's my hope that these efforts will help us get there. 

Thanks for joining us on the adventure!  

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